The mandate of the department is to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food to the citizens of Delhi by implementing the provisions of the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 and Rules/Regulations, 2011 made thereunder.

In order to realize its mandate, the department endeavors to pursue the following objectives:-

1.  Issuance of registration/license to the Food Business Operators so as to bring them within the regulatory framework of the Food Safety Act and Rules/Regulation.

2.  Regulating manufacture, storage, sale and distribution of Food as per provisions of the Food Safety Act and Rules/Regulations. 

3.  Keeping surveillance and monitoring over the food industry/market by drawing samples of food items which carry the potential risk of adulterants, and creating awareness  amongst the consumers regarding possible adulterants in food articles and the labeling requirements of food packages.

4.  Educating and training the Food Business Operators to enable them to comply with the Food Safety Management Systems prescribed under the Food Safety Act/Rules/Regulations.

Last Updated Date :- 02-05-2018

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