Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the salient features of the FSS Act ?

Ans.The Act is a comprehensive and modern piece of legislation which intends to ensure movement from multi departmental control to integrated line of command.It lays down safety standards in respect of various kinds of articles of food. Act provides graded penalties depending upon gravity of offence which includes both civil penalties and imprisonment. Act also ushers in new concepts such as Food Safety Management Systems, Food Safety Audit etc.

Q.2 What are the FSS Regulations for ?

Ans.FSS Act has six regulations which deal with important aspects like Licensing and Registration, Packaging and Labeling, Food Products standards and additives, Prohibitions and Restrictions on Sales, Contaminants, toxins and Residues, Laboratory and sample analysis.

Q.3 Which Acts/orders related to food are repealed in FSS Act,2006?

Ans.The following Acts/Orders mentioned in second schedule of the Act have been repealed.

  • Prevention of Food Adulteration Act,1954
  • Fruit Products Order,1955
  • Meat Food Products Order,1973
  • Vegetable Oil Products (Control) Order,1947
  • Edible Oil Packaging (Regulation) Order,1998
  • Solvent Extracted Oil, De oiled Meal, and Edible Flour(Control) Order, 1967
  • Milk and milk Products Order,1992
  • Any other order under Essential Commodities Act, 1955 relating to food

Q.4 How consumers are benefitted through FSS Act,2006?

Ans.The representative of the consumers organizations are members of the Food Authorities and Central Advisory Committee. The consumer can even draw the sample of food himself and get it analysed on Payment of fees as per provisions of section 40 of FSS Act. In case of injury or death of the consumer due to consumption of 'unsafe' food, there is a provision for compensation to the consumer.

Q.5 What type of food Analysis facilities are provided in the Department of Food Safety?

Ans.Some Quick Tests of food samples are performed free of cost, for the consumers.

Q.5 (a) What is the test for detecting synthetic colour in Sela Rice?

Ans.Rub a few grains in the palms of two hands, yellow colour would get reduced or disappear. Add a few drops of diluted Hydrochloric Acid to some rice grains mixed with little water. Presence of violet colour shows presence of synthetic colour.

Q.5 (b) How can we detect presence of starch in Khoa, Paneer, Milk?

Ans.Boil the sample with some water, cool and add tincture of iodine. Indication of blue colour shows presence of starch.

Q.5 (c) How can we detect presence of added colour in Tea Leaves?

Ans.Tea leaves sprinkled on wet filter paper would immediately release added colour.

Q.5 (d) How can we detect presence of Chalk Powder in Sugar?

Ans.Dissolve it in a glass of water, Chalk will settle down at the bottom.

Q.5 (e) How can we detect presence of Molasses Sugar (Sugar plus water) in Honey?

Ans.A cotton dipped in pure honey when lighted with a match stick burns. If adulterated, the presence of water will not allow the honey to burn. If it does, it will produce a crackling sound.

Q.6 What is the fee presicribed for analysis of smaples for consumers , requiring complete analysis report, as per Food Safety & Standards Act?

Ans.Rs.1000/- per sample.

Q.7 What is the prescribed fee for Food Business Operators, for analysis of sample?

Ans.Rs.5000/-per sample.

Q.8 Why we need a License/Registration under FSS Act.2006?

Ans.It is mandatory under FSS Act 2006 to have License/Registration to carry out any business of food like manufacturer, sale, storage or distribution etc.

Q.9 What is the criteria for the License/Registration?

Ans.(a) An FBO having turnover of less than Rs. 12Lac/annum has to obtain Registration.
(b) And FBO having turnover of more than Rs. 12Lac/annum has to obtain License.


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