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The Department is headed by a Commissioner who is the controlling authority of the Department of Food Safety. The department is responsible for implementation of the provisions laid down under the FSS Act, 2006 and Rules/Regulations, 2011 so as to regulate /prohibit the manufacturing, sale, storage and distribution of such articles of food which can be unsafe, substandard or misbranded. The department keeps surveillance over the market by organizing surprise inspections/raids of the food establishments and drawing samples of such food articles as can be potentially adulterated, substandard or misbranded.  In case of samples not conforming to the standards laid down under the FSS Act/Rules/Regulations, prosecution/penalty proceedings are launched against the offenders.  The department also carries out awareness campaigns for the consumers for self regulation.  It also endeavours to educate and train the Food Business Operators so as to enable them to comply with the Food Safety Management Systems prescribed under the said Act/Rules and Regulations.

The organizational set-up of the department is as under:-

  1. Commissioner (Food Safety) - Overall in-charge of the department who discharges various functions, including supervision and monitoring of various officers and their branches, hearing of appeals against orders of the licensing officers in matters of suspension/cancellation of licenses, prohibiting the manufacture, sale, storage and distribution of unsafe foods, granting prosecution sanctions against the Food Business Operators found violating the provisions of the Food Safety Act/Rules/Regulations, policy matters of the department and interaction with the concerned departments/ministries of the Govt. of other States/UTs and Govt. of India.
  2. Joint Director/Special/Additional Commissioner - He assists the Commissioner (Food Safety) in the discharge of his functions in all matters and particularly looks after the Administration/Accounts/Caretaking/EDP Branch, Public Grievances, Food Testing Laboratory etc.
  3. Deputy Commissioner - Besides general administration, he is supposed to supervise the licensing / registration and enforcement activities of the department.
  4. System Analyst (IT Branch) - The IT Branch with one System Analyst and two Assistant Programmers. Computerisation of the Department.
  5. Designated Officer - He is the licensing authority who grants license / registration to the Food Business Operators. He also supervises the enforcement work of the Food Safety Officers, including the scrutiny and analysis of sample testing reports of the Food Analyst. He puts up the file to Commissioner for his written consent wherever prosecution proceedings are to be launched against the defaulting FBOs.
  6. Food Safety Officers - He assists the Designated Officer in all matters related to field inspections including lifting of samples and instituting prosecution proceedings in a court of law in the defaulting cases.
  7. Food Analyst - Supervises the work of Chemist in the Food Testing Laboratory and analysis the samples of food articles and sends reports thereof to the concerned Designated Officers.
  8. Administrative Officer (Administration Branch) - Administration Branch is headed by the Administrative Officer, looking after the work related to general administration.
  9. Statistical Officer (Planning Branch) - The Planning Branch is headed by the Statistical Officer who looks after the work related to plan schemes, budget etc.
  10. Accounts Officer (Accounts Branch) - Accounts Section of the department is headed by Accounts Officer.
  11. Chief Public Prosecutor and Senior Public Prosecutor(s) - CPP and SPP deal with the prosecution cases launched against the Food Business Operators by the department in courts of law.

Last Updated Date :- 02-05-2018

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